Marion Indiana Portfolio

Marion Indiana Portfolio

Marion, IN
  • Property Type: Manufactured Housing
  • Property Size: / 28.64 Acres / 296 Sites


Capstone Manufactured Housing is pleased to present the Marion Indiana Portfolio. This offering features 296 sites across three communities, which are located within a 1-mile radius of each other. The proximity allows for shared staffing, reducing costly payroll and management expenses. Furthermore, the communities are all serviced by public water and sewer, which the residents pay for through submetering. A new owner can increase cash flow by passing on the trash charge back to the residents. Alternatively, a new owner can increase cash flow by focusing on filling the vacant sites. The portfolio is currently 41% occupied, with 41 vacant park owned homes. At the $315 average lot rent, filling those 41 homes would increase revenue by nearly $155,000. This offering presents the opportunity to acquire three well-maintained communities with tremendous value-add potential.

Investment Highlights

Enormous Upside in Filling Vacancy

Public Utilities Paid by the Residents

Opportunity to Pass Trash Back to the Residents

Reduced Management Oversight Due to Proximity of Communities

Contact Information

Kevan Enger Partner P: 407.494.8541
O: 800.261.9464 ext. 704
Ian Hilpl Director P: 315.406.0900
O: 800.261.9464 ext. 708
Brian Hummell Senior Investment Sales Advisor P: 614.318.5482
O: 800.261.9464 ext. 711
Hunter LaRocca Investment Sales Advisor P: 407.227.9643
O: 800.261.9464 ext. 712